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Posted by: Jamaica dela Cruz on Aug 16, 2011 at 05:22:44 PM


A 40-year old woman in Taiwan almost lost her eyesight after watching a Korean drama for three days straight with only two hours of sleep in between. She only stopped when her eyesight had turned blurry. When rushed to the hospital she found out that she had malignant glaucoma and it could possibly make her go blind.

Her doctor said he's never seen a patient develop malignant glaucoma after watching TV for over 70 hours straight. He also said that if you watch TV or stare at a monitor for long hours, your eyes could feel excessive pressure, which could result in loss of sight.

Geez, THREE STRAIGHT DAYS WITH ONLY TWO HOURS OF SLEEP IN BETWEEN--DO NOT try that at home. I know sometimes it's pretty difficult to stop watching especially when a series is super interesting


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